PAMIDA International, Slovakia

Contact person:

Ing. Norbert Bomba

Martin Haranta


Role in the project:

  • Lead in WP10 (Dissemination)
  • Member of the project management team

About PAMIDA International:

PAMIDA International is a professional disseminator of scientific achievements within the field of life, medical and technical sciences. It is the company’s mission to enable cross-boarder and international co-operation and communication between scientific institutions, individual scientists and stakeholders in order to accelerate implementation of innovations, knowledge and technology transfer, facilitate international co-operation and disseminate new scientific insights to the professional and general public by on-line tools, off-line media and international scientific conferences, symposia, meetings and press-conferences. PAMIDA International has internationally experienced leadership and staff that is able to formulate and execute communication strategies targeting the relevant stakeholders of relevant policy makers, academic, scientific or public groups. On-line activities involve web portal development, team and project platform development and operation, on-line communication with stakeholder groups, efficient dissemination of information to local, cross-border or international stakeholder groups. PAMIDA International organize worldwide renown international scientific conferences within the field of life sciences, energetics and communication. The conferences and the satellite symposia serve as hubs for current findings and hereby accelerate the implementation of innovations, knowledge transfer, facilitate new cooperations between policy makers, stakeholder groups, scientist, research institutes, universities and industry. By communicating scientific achievements and new product developments to the public PAMIDA International can facilitate to reach critical mass of attention and interest fast, and hereby shorten the time to market of newly developed products or innovations.