European Food Information Resource, Belgium

Contact person:

Paul Finglas

Carlos Ramos


Role in the project:

  • Participant; contributor of data in WP2 (Food intake)
  • Lead in WP2 (Food intake)
  • Participant; dissemination and stakeholder engagement in WP10
  • Project Management Group member

About Eurofir:

EuroFIR AISBL is a non-profit-distributing international member-based organisation based in Belgium. Its purpose is to develop, manage, publish and exploit food composition data, and promote international cooperation and harmonisation of standards to improve data quality, storage and access. EuroFIR AISBL draws together the best available food information globally from 26 compiler organisations in Europe, Australia and Canada as well as validated information about bioactive compounds. Individual and institutional members include dietitians, food manufactures and retail, software developers, public sector funding bodies, regulators and academia, and have access not only food information but also online tools for searches, best practice and innovation support, professional development, networking and representation, and the opportunity to join pre-competitive research and development projects in the food and health field.