SPAROS, Portugal

Contact person:

Dr. Jorge Dias


Role in the project:

Participant; fish feeding trials in WP5 (Foods)


SPAROS is a start-up company of the University of Algarve, dedicated to the development of novel products and processes for fish feeding and nutrition. It offers the alliance of a strong scientific background in the areas of fish nutrition and aquaculture, with a flexible pilot-scale feed technology platform. The SPAROS feed plant is equipped among others auxiliary feed manufacturing equipment (grinders, mixers, dryers, automatic sieves), with a twin-screw extruder, a vacuum coater for post-extrusion applications of fats and additives, a low-shear extrusion and a fluid-bed dryer for the manufacture of fish larvae and fry diets and a spray-dryer for the microencapsulation of bioactive compounds (additives) and larval weaning feeds. Besides the manufacture of its own feeds, SPAROS is a contract manufacturing facility for the EU aquafeed industry. SPAROS has also under its responsibility the management of an extensive network of experimental rearing facilities dedicated to testing the biological performance of novel ingredients and additives in fish. The SPAROS team comprises 8 full time collaborators (3 PhDs and 5 MSc) with a strong scientific background and over 100 publications in peer review journals on the areas of nutrition and aquaculture.