Monaghan Mushrooms, Ireland

Contact person:

Dr. Juan Valverde


Role in the project:

Participant; contributor of data and UV-irradiated mushrooms in WP5 (Foods)

About Monaghan Mushrooms:

Monaghan Mushrooms was founded in Co. Monaghan, Ireland in 1981. Since then Monaghan Mushrooms has become the largest producers of mushrooms in Europe with production facilities across the World. Monaghan Mushrooms has a dedicated Research and Development Department, which focuses on three strategic research areas: food science; compost, casing and microbiology; and the production of enzymes for fuel. Mushrooms are an excellent source of several essential vitamins (B2, niacin and folates). Vitamin D is not present in mushrooms; however they contain ergosterol, which can be converted to vitamin D2 upon exposure to UV light. The food science division of the R&D Dept has made some significant progress in the areas of nutrition, shelf life extension and packaging. In particular, as a result of research conducted into the area of vitamin D2- production in mushrooms using UV light, the group have developed a functional ingredient that can supplement the vitamin D levels in a variety of food products. The Food Science Research Group at Monaghan Mushrooms plans to prioritise research in this area with the specific aim of formulating foods with the functional ingredient in order to maximise palatability and to obtain the correct concentration of vitamin D.