Lallemand, France

Contact person:

Richard Degre


Role in the project:

Participant; contributor of data and UV-irradiated bakers yeast for RCT in WP5 (Foods)

About Lallemand:

Lallemand strives to be not just a supplier, but a long-term partner. We know our success depends on your success and we are focused on providing committed support to the baking industry. Bakers yeast and ingredients division serves the needs of the Baking Industry, delivering leading edge, technology based, yeast, enzyme and specialty ingredient products. These core products are complemented with added value services for the baker. To help satisfy consumers’ quest for more natural and vitamin D-rich ingredients, Lallemand’s yeast is exposed to a source of light that naturally transforms the sterols present in yeast into vitamin D, during the regular production process. In this way, all Lallemand bakers yeasts (Eagle Yeast®, American Yeast® and Instaferm®) are natural and vegetarian sources of vitamin D that can enhance the vitamin D content of baked goods and bread in particular. To learn more: