University College Cork, Ireland

ODIN coordinators:

Professor Maired Kiely

Professor Kevin Cashman

Project Manager:

Sinéad Lordan Phd.



Role in the project:

  • ODIN will be jointly co-ordinated by Mairead Kiely and Kevin Cashman
  • Participant; contributor of data in WP1 (Status)
  • Participant; dietary analysis and modelling (Kiely) in WP2 (Food intake)
  • Lead (Cashman) in WP3 (Sun exposure)
  • Participant; RCT and data analysis (Kiely) in WP4 (Requirements)
  • Lead (Cashman) in WP5 (Foods)
  • Participant; data analysis in WP6 (Food-based strategies RCTs)
  • Lead (Kiely) in WP 7 (Healthy pregnancy and childhood)
  • Participant; analysis and data contributor in WP8 (Older Adult Health)
  • Participant; data analysis in WP9 (Safety)
  • Participant; dissemination and stakeholder engagement in WP10
  • Overall Project Management in WP11
  • UCC is the core analytical centre for 25-hydroxyvitamin D analysis using LC-tandem MS

About UCC:

UCC is an internationally competitive research-led University. Our research strategy is focused on creating major centres of excellence for world-class research and is closely aligned with key Government and European Commission policies including the Strategy for Science Technology and Innovation (SSTI), Building Ireland’s Smart Economy (2008), the Report of the Innovation Taskforce (2010), the Report of the Research Prioritization Steering Group (2012) and the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Strategy (2012). UCC is ranked in the top 2% of Universities worldwide based on the quality of our research output and peer esteem. In the five years to 2012 the number of citations per journal publication has grown by 30% and 62% of Ireland’s most highly-cited researchers are from UCC. The interdisciplinary research teams encompassing nutrition and food science in the School of Food and Nutritional Sciences at UCC have driven the development of a competitive Food and Health research program that has a sustained, high quality output as evidenced by citation indices, magnitude of funding, research output and industry interaction. The research program in Human Nutrition at UCC builds on successful collaboration with clinician researchers at the Cork University Teaching Hospitals. Using an approach that encompasses whole food products and food components, investigations into food/nutrition and healthy growth and development, healthy ageing and disease risk reduction in human volunteers has been ongoing since the early 1990’s. Over the past decade, the internationally recognised Cork Centre for Vitamin D and Nutrition Research at UCC has investigated vitamin D nutrition and health in Irish and European population groups to define vitamin D requirements, status, intakes and relationships with health and to provide the evidence basis for sound public policy both nationally and internationally ( Cashman and Kiely as co-PIs have secured more than €15M in national and international research funding in competitive programs and have established a network of long-standing and successful collaborations to maximise resources and advance scientific knowledge in nutritional science and the area of vitamin D and health. Both Cashman and Kiely are currently serving on international bodies (Norden and SACN) charged with revising nutrient recommendations for vitamin D.