University of Helsinki, Finland

Contact Person:

Prof. Christel Lamberg-Allardt


Role in the project:

  • Participant; Contributor of data in WP1 (Status)
  • Participant: RCT in WP5 (Foods)
  • Participant; Data analysis, RCT and genotyping in WP6 (Food-based strategies RCTs)
  • Lead; and data analyses in WP9 (Safety)
  • Project Management Group Member

About University of Helsinki:

The University of Helsinki (, established in 1640, is the largest and mostversatile university in Finland. It includes eleven faculties: Agriculture and Forestry, Arts, Behavioural Sciences, Biosciences, Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, Science, Social Sciences, Theology, and Veterinary Medicine. The University has ca. 38 400 students and 7 900 employees. The Academy of Finland, which is an expert organisation in research funding and science policy, has designated 12 units of the University of Helsinki as National Centres of Excellence in Research for 2002—2007, 13 units for 2006-2011 and 12 units for 2008-2013 ( There are several research groups within the Department of Food and Environmental Sciences (Faculty for Agriculture and Forestry) where the activities are of high impact, both nationally and internationally acknowledged, and multidisciplinary. The internationally recognised Calcium Research Unit at the University of Helsinki has investigated vitamin D nutrition and health in Finnish and European population groups in addition to research on calcium and phosphorus using both epidemiological methods and short and long-term randomised controlled trials (RCT) as well as other relevant protocols. Measurement of bone mineral density (Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry, DXA, Peripheral Quantitative Computed tomography (pQCT), a variety of relevant bone markers and markers of calcium metabolism as well as dietary assessment methods are used ( > researchers>lamberg-allardt). Lamberg-Allardt and Erkkola are currently involved in revising the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations, Lamberg-Allardt leads the systematic reviews on vitamin D and calcium.