National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Denmark

Contact Person:

Prof. Inge Tetens
Senior Scientist: Jette Jakobsen
Researcher: Rikke Andersen


Role in the project:

  • Participant (Jakobsen); contributor of data, data analysis; task leader; WP5 (Foods)
  • Lead (Tetens) in WP6 Food (Food-based strategies RCTs)
  • Participant; RCT contributor of data, task leader in WP6
  • Advisor (Jakobsen): analysis of human milk in WP 7 (Healthy pregnancy and early life)
  • Project Management Group Member
  • Core analytical centre for vitamin D metabolites in food and food products.

About DTU:

The National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark (DTU Food) is a research institute focusing on public health in relation to human nutrition, food safety, food chemistry, food quality, food technology, environment and health. DTU Food conducts research, scientifically based risk assessments and advisory services to Danish and international authorities and industry. The nutritional research and advisory services increases our knowledge of the variability of nutrients in foods, effect of selected food components, healthy dietary habits and contributes to the prevention of diet-related diseases. We focus on both known nutrients and other healthy substances in food, vitamin D being one of the focus areas. We also study nutritional effects of food composition, compile data for basic nutrients in diets, and conduct large-scale representative surveys of Danish dietary habits.The Division of Nutrition conducts effectiveness studies of selected food and nutrient related strategies and structural changes in selected (at-risk) groups of the general population, including school children, adult working population, and elderly. Intervention studies include family based interventions at meal and or nutrient level. The Division of Chemistry aims to extend our knowledge of the origin and content of the specific compounds in food e.g. vitamin D vitamers. We hold a top-end instrumental infrastructure and stateof- the-art laboratory, and we are accredited according to ISO17025. The research activities at DTU Department of Photonics Engineering include among others research in diode laser and light emitting diodes (LED) system, with a focus on new diode laser systems and LED lighting. DTU Food has participated in several EU-FP projects, incl. OPTIFORD (leader), OSTEODIET, ISAFRUIT, EFCOVA. EUROFIR, PANCAKE, EuroDISH.