Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark

Contact person:

Prof. Lars Rejnmark rejnmark@post6.tele.dk



Role in the project:

  • Participant; Task leader 7.2 & 7.3 in WP 7 (Healthy pregnancy and childhood)
  • Participant; Task leader 8.4 in WP8 (Older Adult Health)


Aarhus University/University Hospital (AUH) ranks among the world's 100 largest universities. According to the Leiden University ranking list, our University was in 2011 ranked as no. 51 among the 100 largest universities in the world. We have a strong international involvement focusing on research, talent development, education, consultancy services and knowledge transfer. For many years, the research in vitamin D by AU has been internationally recognized with a large number of publications. The research has focused on assessment of vitamin D status in Danes and Inuits, classical effects in terms of muscle strength, bone metabolism and fracture risk in relation to vitamin D status, as well as non-classical effects such as possible effects of vitamin D on birth outcome in pregnant women and infants growth during the first year of life as well as risk of malignant diseases and effects of vitamin D in patients with obesity and primary hyperparathyroidism. Lars Rejnmark has served as a member of the scientific working group at the Danish National Food Institute on updating recommendations for vitamin D intake in the general, healthy population, as well as a member of the advisory board for the Danish National Board of Health on recommendations for treatment of vitamin D insufficiency.