University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Contact person:

Prof. Christian Mølgaard
Prof. Camilla T. Damsgaard


Role in the project:

  • Participant; contributor of data in WP1 (Status)
  • Participant; RCT and data analysis in WP4 (Requirements)

About University of Copenhagen:

UCPH is an internationally recognized research-led University and one of Europe's leading university environments. Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports (NEXS), Faculty of Science, UCPH conducts
research and education at a high international level within the area of human nutrition, exercise and sports physiology. Research areas cover prevention of obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, paediatric nutrition and growth, micronutrients balance, and methods for measuring nutritional status. The Pediatric and International Nutrition Group (PIN) at NEXS is an internationally well-known research group on the impact of nutrition on growth and development from birth to adolescence. Using epidemiologic and intervention studies, PIN has conducted many years of research to evaluate nutritional requirements in infancy, childhood and adolescence, including effects of vitamin D intake and status on bone and metabolic health as well as deficiency prevalence in vulnerable groups. Kim F. Michaelsen (head of PIN) and Christian Mølgaard as PIs or co-PIs have raised more than €9M during the last 5 years in national and international research funding including successful collaborations to optimize scientific output and quality in the area of diet, vitamin D and child health. Mølgaard is currently member of ESPGHAN’s Committee on Nutrition which is working on a comment on vitamin D. Michaelsen is advisor to the National Health Agency on paediatric nutrition and member of a WHO advisory group on healthy growth.