Vitamin D & Health in Europe: Current and Future Perspectives

5th & 6th September 2017, Cork, Ireland

This international conference on vitamin D will be an important forum for presentation, discussion and exchange of ideas on current research in the area of vitamin D.  The conference coincides with the closing stages of the ODIN R&I project and the main scientific findings from the project will be presented together with several invited international keynote speakers on topics related to vitamin D and health.

This conference will be of interest to many, with health professionals, food industry decision makers, food/nutrition policy regulators, as well as academics, researchers and students expected to attend.

The main symposia will focus on:

  • Dietary Requirements for Vitamin D
  • Evidence-base for food strategies for tackling inadequacies of vitamin D intake and status
  • Issues in relation to Vitamin D and Health in Adults, as well as at Key Life Stages
  • Safety and population surveillance