ODIN will develop effective, safe & sustainable food-based solutions to eradicate vitamin D deficiency & improve health across the life cycle to benefit all European citizens

The aims are:

  • To establish a firm foundation for generating data on vitamin D status (serum 25OHD concentrations) and prevalence estimates of low vitamin D status in Europe
  • To model the impact of changes in vitamin D content of the food supply on vitamin D intakes and on serum 25OHD in EU citizens accounting for diversity across the European latitude (~34-70°N), sun exposure and habitual diet
  • To provide experimental data from RCTs to estimate dietary requirements for vitamin D in the neglected life-stage groups i.e. pregnant women, children, adolescents and ethnic immigrant sub-groups
  • To elucidate relationships between vitamin D status and health, especially non-skeletal outcomes, throughout the lifecycle
  • To develop food-based strategies with agri-food producers and industry to eradicate vitamin D deficiency that provide proof of efficacy and safety, and are inclusive, affordable and mindful of the requirements of food policy and regulatory bodies